Friday, September 21, 2018

Quicken Not Connecting to Bank

Quicken lets you handle your financial matters in a simple manner as well as keep a regular track of your expenses and incomes. However, it requires a strong internet connection to get connected to the financial institution or the bank with which you have your financial account. It needs a network to perform various online activities. To download the financial transactions or to update the transactions, Quicken needs to get connected to your bank account through an internet connection. If your internet is not working properly, this will not let you connect Quicken to your bank account. Quicken Customer Service helps you resolve all technical issues instantly.

 If you are not able to connect Quicken, there can be some reasons behind this issue:
  • The web browser is not connected to a secure connection.
  • Installation of antivirus software or firewalls which are not configured properly.
  • The internet connection you are using is slow.
  • The browser privacy or security settings are incorrect.
These issues need to be handled properly and find appropriate measures to fix them. Quicken cannot work at all without getting connected to your bank account. So first there is a need to resolve the issues and then re-establish the connection.

To resolve the connection issues, following tips can help you to fix the issues:
  • Check the internet connection you are connected to: Make sure you are able to establish a secure connection. Open your bank or financial institution’s website and log into your account. If there is no connection issue, then you can try connecting Quicken to your account. If you are not able to view the website then there might be an issue with the website itself and you have to wait till the issue gets resolved on its own.
  • Firewalls: if the firewall you have installed is not configured correctly, then it might create issues and can stop Quicken from connecting to the internet. Through firewalls, you can control what content or websites you want to view online. Make sure the firewall you have installed has allowed access to the Quicken as well as your bank account.
  • Internet browser privacy or security settings: Make sure that the privacy and the security settings of the internet browser you are using are properly set up and it has not blocked any important website you need access to. Make a call at Quicken Support Number to get the technical support for such issues with Quicken.
  • Pop-up blocker: if you have installed pop-up blocker in your system, try uninstalling it and then again connect the Quicken to your bank account. You are required to allow pop-up windows for your financial institution’s website otherwise it will create issues in downloading transactions.
  • Adware and spyware issues: both of them can track your internet usage and might affect your personal information. It is better to remove them as they might be the reason you are not able to connect Quicken to your bank account.
If you are still unsuccessful in connecting your bank account to Quicken, then for the technical assistance call on Quicken Help Number. All the issues with your Quicken account can make your financial management process complex and inability to find the perfect and long-term solution can cause frustration. We are here with our customer support service to serve you with the best of possible technical solutions. This will make your experience with Quicken better and smoother. Why face difficulties when you have a certified and professional technical team working day and night resolving Quicken issues. Make a call right away and avail the technical support.

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